Additional Products & Services

Peoples Bank & Trust wants the banking for your business to be as streamlined and convenient as possible. That’s why we’ve created multiple products and services, aside from your checking, savings, cash management and more, to meet the needs of running a business. These products may be related to the ease of transferring funds in and out or dealing directly with your customers. The business banker you’re working with can help decipher which products or services you will benefit from most. Call your Business Banker today to maximize how easy it is to bank with Peoples Bank & Trust.

Bank PBT Online for Business

Peoples Bank & Trust is proud to offer online services to our business customers. We know that your needs are different than those of the individual. We also understand that your needs are different than those of the business next door. We can now offer you a cash management system that will allow you to do your banking from your office. Save time and money by streamlining your banking process and other critical management task, on a system customized to meet your special needs.

Here is a list of some of the business services we offer:

• Allow multiple users on the system with different levels of authority
• View account balances
• Access account history and statements
• View account transfers
• Online stop payment requests
• Pay bills
• Wire transfers
• Electronic payroll transmits
• Electronic Payments

Please contact us to discuss what options may be right for you and the fees associated with your plan. Be sure to ask us how your account balances may be used to offset or reduce your Bank PBT Online Cash Management fees.

If you have any questions concerning Bank PBT Online, or any of our other banking products, please click on the "Contact Us" button for a complete list of bank e-mail addresses or call 1-888.728.1954 for more information.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking allows customers to access their accounts through an electronic device with internet capability.  The access is granted to the customer by downloading the free Peoples Bank & Trust application onto their electronic device.  There is a wide range of transactions available such as account balance inquiry, transferring funds from one account to another, viewing images of cleared checks, paying bills and making loan payments.  Through Mobile Banking, customers have the convenience of banking anytime and anywhere.

Safe Deposit Box Rental

Protect your investments, valuables and documents in our fire-proof vault. A safe deposit box ensures safe keeping and you choose the size that meets your needs.

Merchant Services

This process allows you to accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit/debit cards for merchandise or services (such as utility bills, etc) that you offer for sale. When merchants can accept credit/debit cards, it is proven that they increase sales opportunities and provide an additional method for your customers’ payment options. Accepting credit/debit cards can also reduce your collection exposure due to NSF checks. You receive monthly statements that recap sales/returns from credit cards. You control the start up expense by leasing or purchasing the equipment. Contact your Business Banker to see if this product makes sense for you.

ACH Origination

This is a cash management service that we offer which allows your business to generate ACH transactions online through your deposit account in our bank. The service can include direct deposit payroll, collection of accounts receivable, payment of state and federal taxes, payment of trade creditors, cash concentration and disbursement and other customer initiated entries. Effectively, you can originate transactions between accounts owned by you or others in any receiving depository financial institution.

Commercial Cash Management Onsite Visit Checklist and Certification of Terms of Use

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit is a one-stop solution that includes electronic payment processing, online reporting and risk management services. This process captures money orders, consumer checks, cashiers checks and corporate checks electronically which means that you do not have to go to the bank to make your deposits. This saves time, improves efficiency and profitability. Checks will clear faster which means that you will find out about returned items quicker. You can purchase or lease the necessary equipment. We have two programs designed for low volume and high volume business.

Commercial Remote Deposit Onsite Visit Checklist and Certification of Terms of Use

Auto Transfers

Using our internal automatic product enables you to save money by reducing the number of checks needed as well as postage to mail the checks. You also save time by allowing us to take care of the tedious monthly task covered by using our Auto-Transfer products.

Business Credit Cards

Cards are issued by Elan Financial Services with the Peoples Bank & Trust name prominently displayed on the card. Make your business even more rewarding with a Visa Signature Card,  Visa Business Credit Card with your choice of Rewards or Travel. 0% introductory rate-Choice of Rewards or Travel-Merchandise & Gift Cards. We also have a Visa Community Card for non-profits and municipalities. Ask your Business Banker for details. Subject to credit approval.

Visa Debit Cards

For customers who want the convenience of not carrying cash or a checkbook. The Visa Check card works like an ATM card at ATM machines and also like a check at participating merchants.
Talke control of your debit card by setting up purchase alerts through Visa.

ATM locator


E-Statements are a safe, secure and convenient alternative to paper statements and signing up for the service is FREE. These advantages are a few of the reasons customers choose e-statements:

  • Receive your statement through a secure, password protected email
  • Eliminates the need to find space to store paper statements
  • Provides easy access by computer
  • Helps to fight identity theft-no documents to shred
  • Faster delivery time-email versus standard mail delivery
  • Statements can be made available to multiple addresses in seconds……accountants, business partners, etc.

Night Drop Bags

With Peoples Bank & Trust night drop bags you can drop off deposits 24 hours a day. This service is especially nice if you need to make deposits or loan payments before or after regular business hours.