Online Security

Online Security

With proper safety measures in place, your Bank PBT Online transactions remain confidential and secure. Following is a listing of the safety measures Peoples Bank & Trust has incorporated into this site to keep your information as secure as possible.

Secure Access and Verifying User Authority

Unique ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN) – You may only gain access to Bank PBT Online and your accounts through these two pieces of information. It is your responsibility to protect these pieces of information to prevent unwanted access to your accounts.

Account "Pseudo" Names

Peoples Bank & Trust allows you to choose "pseudo" names to identify your specific accounts.

Automatic Log Off

You will automatically be logged off of Bank PBT Online if there is no activity for 10 minutes.

PIN Lockout System

If your pin is entered incorrectly enough times, your account will be locked. Once your account has become locked, you must contact Peoples Bank & Trust to reset your PIN before you can access the system.

Secure Data Transfer — Encryption

We utilize the latest encryption technology to ensure that your financial information stays confidential and secure. When you request information about your accounts, your request comes to us in an encrypted format, and the information we send back to you is encrypted. The encrypted information is "decoded" by your browser software. This allows you to read your information, but it insures that the information cannot be intercepted by a third party and read by them.

Router and Firewall

In addition to the above mentioned safeguards, the latest firewall and router technologies are in place to make sure that only authorized users may access Bank PBT Online.

How you can help protect yourself:

While Peoples Bank & Trust employs all of the above mentioned safety measures to protect your privacy, you also play an important role in protecting your financial information. Following are the steps you can take to protect yourself:

• Keep your PIN to yourself
• Change your PIN frequently
• Remain at your computer until the transaction is complete. Log out of Bank PBT Online before going to another internet site.
• If you notice any unusual activity, contact Peoples Bank & Trust immediately at 888.728.1954
• Do not use your numeric account numbers for the "pseudo" names of your accounts.