Our Telephone System

Peoples Bank & Trust operates its telephone system in a centralized manner to ensure that incoming calls to our main telephone number are always answered in person.

Although we are very proud of the professionalism of our central telephone reception staff, nobody really calls the bank to speak to the operator. That is exactly why we provide a direct telephone connection to your banker. With exception of our teller staff, each of our employees has direct toll free lines that ring at their desks. Employees often forward their calls to their bank cell phones, when they are out of the bank, to make it easier to reach them.

Our tellers are responsible for providing customer service and greeting you as you enter the bank and therefore, they are not responsible for answering direct telephone calls.

The bank’s telephone number is 888.728.1954. Some customers have questioned why we use a toll free number as the main bank telephone number. This decision was made for several reasons:

  • We believe that customers should never incur long distance charges to call their bank
  • With our toll free number, our customers only need to remember one telephone number to contact any of our employees
  • When contacting our bank, the telephone operator can connect you with the best individual to handle your needs. The telephone operator has access to the entire Peoples Bank & Trust employee network rather than just one location. This helps us to make sure that we always put you and your needs first.

Click here for contact information for each of our employees. We encourage you to maintain contact information for your favorite banker in your cell phone, or on speed dial for quick and convenient access.

Our client service is paramount and it’s our promise.

You’ll see that service shine through in our efforts to save you time and money by banking at Peoples Bank & Trust.