Business Checking

As a business owner, you have enough things requiring your attention day-to-day, your business checking account shouldn’t be one of them.  Peoples Bank & Trust has created multiple checking products that accomplish what your particular business needs.  A Business Banker will get to know you and your line of work, and help you make the most ideal choice.  We have product features that are tailored to the number of transactions you need, whether you need night drop bags, online banking and even bill pay.  Call today to sit down with your Business Banker to make the best choice for your convenient business checking.

Premium Plus Business Checking Service Charges Fee
Monthly Maintenance$14.22
Plus: Debit item charge$0.10
Plus: Deposit$0.15
Plus: Credit item: On us check charge$0.10
Plus: Credit item: Transit check charge$0.10
Plus:Negative Collected Balance Interest
Less:Positive Collected Balance Earnings Credit and Credit for E-Statement
Commercial Cash Management and ACH Services (Requires Premium Plus Business Checking) Fee
Monthly Maintenance$45.00
File Transmittal$5.00
ACH Item$0.15
Unauthorized Debit Entry Fee$10.00
Commercial Remote Deposit Service (Requires Premium Plus Business Checking) Fee
Monthly Maintenance for first account$25.00
Monthly service charge for each additional account$2.00
Standard monthly equipment lease per scanner$35.00
Remote Deposit check item$0.10
Accounts Receivable Collection (ARC) item$0.10
Back Office Conversion (BOC) item$0.10
Point of Purchase (POP) item$0.10
ARC, BOC, POP, RCK, Return item$0.10
Commercial Positive Pay (Requires Premium Plus Business Checking) Fee
Monthly Maintenance for first account$25.00
Commercial Remote Deposit Anywhere (Requires Premium Plus Business Checking) Fee
Business Mobile Deposit Check Item$1.00
Business Cash Management

With a high number of transactions, larger commercial businesses may need assistance in overall cash management.  Your Business Banker at Peoples Bank & Trust will get to know your particular situation to determine the best plan to manage your funds.  With product features like unlimited transactions, online banking and bill pay, earnings credit and more, we’ll work to achieve an optimal situation for managing your funds.  Call your Business Banker today to determine the best plan for organizing your finances.

  • ACH Origination – payroll, collections, payments, etc.
  • Cash Management sweeps – Sweep funds automatically from one account to another for optimal earnings and profits. You determine the amount of funds you need to maintain your business checking account to cover normal operating activity. Any amount over that will be swept to an investment account or a loan. You can either maximize  your interest income or minimize your interest expense.
  • Multiple user security available.


Business Savings

Being prepared for the future- that’s a goal for any business and your Business Banker at Peoples Bank & Trust will guide you choosing a savings plan that invests in just that.  Our flexible savings product allows your funds to accrue interest so your funds continue to build.  With product features like free online banking, no service charges, low minimum balances, and more, your decision will reflect a positive step in the long run of your business.  Call your Business Banker today to discuss how we can help grow your business.