Business Loans

Business owners have multiple loan options that are available based on the needs of their company goals.  Whether needing to supplement cash flow, redevelop or improve existing conditions, or looking to purchase new or additional locations, the opportunities are open with the help of your Business Banker at Peoples Bank & Trust.  Product features such as variable or commitment rates, simple interest and more, we’ll work to find a product tailored to the needs of your particular business and its plans. Call a Business Banker today to start exploring our loan options listed below:


Operating Lines of Credit Loans
  • Line of Credit for the financing of seasonal cash flow needs
  • Provide flexible borrowing for short term needs
  • Interest is paid only on the funds used


Capital Asset Loans
  • These loans are used to finance permanent assets such as equipment, machinery, trucks, etc.
  • Repayment terms consistent with the useful life of the assets financed.


Construction/Real Estate Loan
  • Used to expand or remodel existing facilities
  • Purchase or construction of new property (owner occupied or rental)


SBA/USDA - B & I and RD Government Loan Programs
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs: Provides financing to new or expanding businesses with attractive rates and terms. Peoples Bank & Trust has an Express & Export Express Lender Status with SBA.
  • USDA Business & Industry loan programs:  Provides lending opportunities for start-up or undercapitalized companies with extending repayment terms.
  • USDA FSA Programs: Provides broader lending opportunities for production, equipment and real estate credit. Peoples Bank & Trust is one of 11 USDA-AFSA preferred lenders headquartered in Illinois.


Peoples Bank & Trust Business Bankers has significant experience working with these programs.

We are a locally owned and managed community bank. Decisions, products and services are tailored to meet your business and personal needs. You are assured prompt and confidential service.