Two Great Ways to Save

On Everyday Purchases

The savings all add up. Now you have two great ways to save.

  1. Save By Spending-Rewards!
  2. Save By Spending-Round Up!

It's your money, now you can keep more of it. Simply stop by one of our branches or
give us a call, we'll get you signed up.

At Peoples Bank & Trust -
We Put People (& their savings) First.

Save by Spending-Rewards!

Earn extra cash by spending it

Make your debit card work for you!

  • Earn .25% cash back on all debit card signature (non-pin) purchases over $100
  • Make purchases up to $1,000 per day
  • Cash back is given at the end of your statement cycle
  • It's FREE!

Sign up for our Save By Spending - Rewards!* program for cash back all on qualifying purchases.

Shop. Sign. Save.



Save by Spending-Round Up!

A little change can make a big difference

It just makes cents!

  • Easily grow your savings account with your spare change
  • Rack up the savings for the things you want
  • Easily track your debit card purchases with even dollar amounts
  • Joining the program is FREE

Plus, our debit cards offer 24-hour access to make cash withdrawals, deposit money, transfer funds from select accounts or check account balances.